About Muskoka Mornings®

Muskoka Mornings® is all about helping to create balance through the foods we eat. Kerry Foreman, the founder of Muskoka Mornings, has been in the health and wellness industry for 30 years as owner of Beauty Comes Naturally here in Muskoka. Having dealt with many clients with hormonal imbalances, excessive hair growth, weight, skin and nail issues, Kerry saw firsthand the need to help treat people from the inside out.

When hit with Adrenal Fatigue herself as a single working mother juggling and struggling to make it through the day, she set out to find was to restore her health. Through a combination yoga, getting out into nature and focusing more on the effects of food on the body, great healing took place.

One of the key foundations in good health is stabilizing blood sugar levels. The body requires protein to aide in this and is required to make hormones along with protein being the building block for our neurotransmitters. Our cells need a way to talk to each other for the body to function properly, thus our first product No Yolking™ was born.

Or should we say laid. All yolking aside, No Yolking™ protein powder is simple to add to other food and drink making it easy to get protein throughout the day.

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